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Henry Hoovers

Full Twinflo’ two-stage professional motor giving exceptional performance; with AutoSave – Energy Conservation – 50% Energy saving – 30% Improved Air Quality – 20% Lower Noise Level. Every time you switch Henry on you will automatically start on the economy setting, only if more power is needed to cope with extra dirt do you need to push the red switch to operate in Hi mode. When you see the red light you know you are in Hi mode so when you go onto hard floors or deep carpets or don’t need maximum power, push the red switch again and you are back in economy mode. The 10-metre cable storage and rewind system is a work of art, trouble free and spring free, and it keeps everything neat and tidy. The giant Tritex filter system makes sure that what goes in stays in, and the highly efficient Hepaflo dust bags, improve filtration efficiency, cleanliness and capacity.

The standard accessory kit is fully comprehensive and even some of the tools are stainless steel.
A true professional in every sense of the word but never without that famous smile, loved and appreciated by users the world over… ask any Henry owner.

Also includes Kit A1, accessories include:
300mm Combination Floor Nozzle
240mm Crevice Tool
2.4m Nuflex Threaded Hose
Stainless Steel Tube Bend with Volume Control
2 x Stainless Steel Extension Tube
Double Taper Hose/Tool Adapter
65mm Soft Dusting Brush
150mm Upholstery Nozzle
150mm Slide on Brush for Upholstery Nozzle

Most Helpful Customer Reviews

Henry is a Hero

I am unable to do much Housework due to Polymyalgia & Arthritis, so my Husband does it. We have had several Cleaners but nothing compare with this one. Henry is just great. Thankyou.

I love Henry,

At first I was torn between getting a Dyson and a Henry, but was eventually put off by the mixed reviews of the Dyson as well as the high price tag. Eventually, on the recommendation of a friend, I bought a Henry.

I’ve had him for about a month now and I have no regrets. Even on the low 600w power setting he easily eats up dog and cat hair (and whatever else he finds lying around). I especially love his extra long power cord and hose – I can plug him into the power socket by my front door and hoover the entire house without have to change sockets! (I live in an average sized 3 bed semi.) Plus he makes a lovely low humming sound when you switch him on – it’s much nicer than the ear-shattering roar of my old vacuum cleaner and is much appreciated by the cats.

You haven’t hoovered till you’ve hoovered with a Henry!,

I hate housework, I hate hoovering, I hate dusting – but if you have to do it, then Henry’s the best friend you could have.
Cute and super-efficient, Henry cleaners are the ones that professionals use, and I can now see why. Everything about this cleaner is sleek, easy, and hassle-free from the extra-long lead, to the twist off lid with mega-size bag; from the giant filter, to the easy-touch power switch.
From the first clean my cream carpets look better than they have done in years, and the quick switch accessories mean that my bookcases, furniture and TV are now all gleaming, dust-free zones.
I never thought I would say this about a domestic appliance, but I seriously love Henry!

Henry Hoovers
Henry Hoovers


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