Hetty Hoover

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Hetty Hoover

Hetty has not arrived by chance but by demand.The Henry owners and users simply love the character and that infectious smile,but why can’t we have a girl Henry has often been the question…and now we give you the answer. Hetty

Technical Details
High performance cleaner with a unique personality
All the features of the popular Henry
Giant twinflo Long life 2 stage motors
2-speed Hi/Lo controls
High efficiency filtration
Folding handle with click-lock

Most Helpful Customer Reviews

Good buy

First class product. Hetty has been excellent for household use, cleaning up after workman after work done. Also for fabrics,chairs.

Nice and Powerful !,

Only had the product for a couple of weeks, but impressed with the performance so far!
The suction is very powerful and captures the dirt well. We have a black labrador dog – which has been shedding hair like mad over the last few weeks – and this vacuum has dealt with the black coating of hair on our carpets with ease.
Highly recommended.

Worth every penny,

Well, I decided that I needed a new vacuum cleaner, as I was tired of getting down on my hands and knees with the little brush attachment of mine, in an attempt to get all the cat hair up. So I researched extensively Dyson, Vax, and a variety of other brands. Everyone I spoke to agreed that they were all just ‘ok’. Then my dad pipes up that he has a Henry hoover, and he spends most of his time hoovering up brick dust, rubble and sawdust and that it was excellent. Then someone else, that also works in construction also recommended a Henry, and finally my brother said that he had one (also a carpenter) and that it was faultless. I hadn’t thought about a Henry before and started looking into it. I couldn’t find any real negatives about them so decided to take the plunge, but chose a Hetty instead of a Henry. It arrived a couple of days after ordering and as soon as I unpacked it I fell in love with it. t was so cute, and really solid and well made. The instructions were minimal as it was just so darn easy – it came ready to go with a hoover bag inside it and 3 spares. It had a really cute bag you could keep the attachments and spare bags in. I turned it on and it was amazing! It was quite quiet (didn’t scare the cat) it sucked up brilliantly, it has 50% less energy use, but if you press a button it will suck like there’s no tomorrow! The cord is of course retractable into the hoover itself leaving it quite easy to store. This is well made, sturdy, with good quality attachments. The attention to detail with the accessory bag is fab, and it is really quiet and as a vacuum works simply wonderfully. Plus it was quite a bit cheaper than a Dyson! I have nothing bad to say about this, and I would certainly recommend it to anyone. I just wish I’d got one years ago.

Hetty Hoover
Hetty Hoover


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